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On-Page SEO factors

May 23, 2011

Search Engine Optimization is a process to grow your business online through your website. SEO is process to visible your website on search engines by enhancing the code on a website. Off-page is really an important task in SEO. But onsite optimization creates up the majority of all SEO efforts. So, what exactly are the most considerable factors in onsite optimization? Let’s find out.

Page Titles – The title with the post is really important to SEO, as the title of something lays the foundation of what to expect.

Page Content – On post content refers towards things on a front end of the website, for example all textual content, images, videos and things of that nature.

Meta Descriptions & Keywords – Meta descriptions describe the page’s content and provides an opportunity to influence how your website is described inside search results. Keywords are the principal keywords you happen to be targeting for your specific page.

URL Keyword Structure – URL keyword structure is an important part of search engine optimization as it helps dictate keyword usage inside URL name. A great URL structure will separate products, information, themes and so on.

URL Page Structure – URL post structure is planning out the pages with the entire website to be logical and clear so the net crawlers can effortlessly identify the structure with the site.

Page & site Navigation – There’s a large shift towards user experience optimization on websites. That means that details and ‘action-taking’ activities ought to be simple to figure out and can also be effortlessly retrieved. Getting to navigate six steps deep to complete a employment or get details is not going to work today.

Sitemap – An XML sitemap is really a file that lists all of the URL’s for your website. This sitemap enables a Webmaster to inform search engines about URL’s on a website which are available for crawling so that they are included inside search engine’s database.

An HTML sitemap is really a text version of your sitemap, which is a bulleted outline of your websites navigation, with anchor text linking to each page.

Image ALT Tags – Image ALT tag is just a fancy way of naming images on a website. Due to the fact search engines cannot see images, they can only read the code. If the website is about dog grooming and also the images are known as ‘dog grooming’, that helps the website optimization compared towards images getting known as ‘images’.

Header Tags – Header tags are part with the HTML language that defines headers or ‘important sections’ of the website. It’s as being a title to a chapter in a book. A header 1 tag, or H1 tag, is more important than H2 or H3.

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