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About How to Promote a Website

July 20, 2011
1. The interface of the website should be professional and appealing. This means that despite the use of simple templates the website should have a proper color coordination which appears pleasing to the visitors.
2. Also the content of the website should be developed around the ‘you attitude’ so that it highlights the advantages for the visitors and the customers. This content however should not be too long or it will bore the target audience.
3. Add interactive tools on the websites to make them more popular. For this reason many businesses have introduced comment boxes and developed forums on their websites. Through these interactive mediums they are able to benefit as these tools publicize the website to the target audience. This also allows these companies to develop a comprehensive database of their customers and target market which focuses on their needs and suggestions.
4. For a website to be popular it should be accessible by a large number of people. This is possible only if they are designed in a simple manner and do not require high internet connection for loading these websites.
5. One can advertise about their websites in different forums that have related topics or themes. This is also an effective way of channelizing potential target market to a particular website.
6. One can ask for posting reviews about one’s website at the various forums and portals.
7. The navigation bar should be on all the pages of the website.
8. One can offer subscriptions to their customers of an e-newsletter about any popular publications.
9. A search option should also be a part of the webpages of the website.
10. One can even create a series of articles that can be uploaded in parts on the website, so that the visitors keep returning to the website to read more.
11. The websites should not be cluttered with too many ads as it will bore visitors and decrease readability.
12. Link with social websites and media to become popular among a circle of friends and associates.
13. One can rely on the word of mouth promotion regarding their websites.
14. Individuals can print posters to distribute in schools and college campuses to increase the chance of receiving more traffic.
15. Make use of the press release programs to promote the website.
When using any number of these website promotion tactics, one thing to remember is that this is not a onetime task. Rather it is an ongoing task which will help in increasing awareness about a website.

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